MJ Luxe is a firm believer in the importance of supporting sustainable fashion.

From carbon emissions to toxic chemicals to poor working conditions, for decades, many companies in the fashion industry have unfortunately chosen profitability over sustainability.

We understand that doing our part in choosing sustainable partners barely scratches the surface of this global issue, but we remain steadfast in our commitment to sustainability, nonetheless.

We have partnered with multiple brands who have made a similar pledge. These companies examine their supply chain to assure their workers are cared for and their materials are sustainably sourced. In addition, we offer several brands who use recycled materials to manufacture their clothes.

The impact of sustainability efforts might seem small, but the statistics are rather shocking. Studies have shown buying one T-Shirt made out of recycled material is comparable to:

  • Skipping 6 weeks of showers
  • Shaving almost 6 miles off your daily commute
  • Going computerless for an entire work day