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as luxurious as the contents within.

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Percentage of all sales goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

About Us

MJ Luxe Enterprises excels in a diverse array of renowned brand-name products, tailor-made for corporate gifting, incentive programs, employee recognition, and customized branding. What sets us apart is our expertise in not only curating these exceptional products but also in assisting companies in building private websites where their employees can conveniently purchase co-branded apparel and accessories. 

Our foundation was forged through robust connections within the entertainment sector, allowing us to thrive and evolve. Over the years, our unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service and our knack for providing highly sought-after products have catapulted us into a prominent position, serving multiple industries nationwide.


We advocate catering to the well-being and mental stability of employees. The stressors forced upon employees due to workplace restructurings, an ever-changing global landscape, and life itself takes its toll. We create programs for like-minded companies to reward their employees for engaging in “healthy” or “exceptional” activities.
For instance, rewards like starting a gym membership, Fitbit activity during breaks, or meeting a deadline early. In place of rewarding employees monetarily, we provide a more curated and personal option by opening to them our portfolio of brands. We only provide premium name brands. Our philosophy is that we want our customers to receive on item that they are excited to receive and will also wear or use it outside of the workplace

  • Milestone Achievements
  • Tenure
  • Welcome to the Company
  • Meeting or Surpassing Goals
  • Leadership Gifts
  • Holiday Gifts
  • New House Gifts
  • New Parent Gifts
  • New Pet Gifts
  • Degree Completion Gifts
  • Retirement Gifts
  • SPIFFS (Sales Program Incentive Funds)


Our online portal is your one-stop shop for all rewards and gifting. With warehouses spanning from Los Angeles to Carlsbad, Calirfonia, we are well-positioned to fulfill your needs at a moment’s notice. Once you are onboard as an approved MJ Luxe customer, a personalized experience will be at your fingertips. You can select brands that speak to your needs. Upon arrival, they will be opened to view and purchase. Your profile will be uniquely yours, and only show items you are interested in and approved to buy. If we do not have the inventory in stock to fulfill your needs, our experienced support staff will quickly provide you with timeline as when to expect your order. If the timeline does not work for your program, our staff will promptly provide suggestions in alignment with your request. We created this platform with a focus on ease of use, removing any hurdles that may confuse members.


  • Get started promptly with our easy onboarding process.
  • Apply for brands that are locked upon onboarding.
  • Quick and seamless fulfillment.
  • High-res product images and detailed descriptions.
  • Accurate lead-time feedback.
  • MJ Luxe staff support in finding the right assortment for your needs.


The impact of receiving a fantastic gift can go a long way. Whether it is for a long-standing customer, or a lead you hope to convert into a customer, selecting the right gift can be a powerful engagement tool. MJ Luxe provides a simple yet thorough questionnaire to get you started. Once we have background on your gifting needs, our team will help you select gifts that evoke the desired response. No request is too big or too small for our capabilities.



  • Marketing Gifts
  • Prospective Customer Gifts
  • Existing Customer Gifts
  • Personalized Customer Gifts
  • Team Building Gifts
  • Corporate Retreat Gifts
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Milestone Gifts


Depending on the gifting occasion, adding a company logo to your gift can help foster brand recognition and help drive ROI. MJ Luxe partners with industry leaders in embellishment, assuring your company is showcased the way you desire. Our capabilities include screen printing, embroidery, embossing, debossing, sublimation, offset printing and more. We have the logistics down to a science so you do not have to do anything but provide a logo and approve a design.


  • Screen Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Embossing
  • De bossing
  • Dye Sublimation
  • Laser
  • Engraving
  • Heat Transfer


Presentation is paramount in validating the perceived value of any gift you send. Our Luxe Box is certain to present your gift in an intentional manner. Our different size options are carefully selected to fit any gift we provide. Whether you gift a custom fit polo, a beautiful throw or a show-stopping handbag, rest assured the presentation will be flawless. If one gift just is not enough, we carefully curate all your gifts in one stunning package. We have the capability to co-brand our box with your company logo in order to assure your company is top-of-mind.



With over 30 premium brands to choose from, sometimes the best option is to provide your recipient with the gift of choice. MJ Luxe Gift cards are available in any denomination and allow the most personalized experience. Gift card value is easily credited as rewards build, allowing the recipient to accrue value and spend their reward on approved brands throughout the year.



MJ Luxe is a firm believer in the importance of supporting sustainable fashion.

From carbon emissions to toxic chemicals to poor working conditions, for decades, many companies in the fashion industry have unfortunately chosen profitability over sustainability.

We understand that doing our part in choosing sustainable partners barely scratches the surface of this global issue, but we remain steadfast in our commitment to sustainability, nonetheless.

We have partnered with multiple brands who have made a similar pledge. These companies examine their supply chain to assure their workers are cared for and their materials are sustainably sourced. In addition, we offer several brands who use recycled materials to manufacture their clothes.

The impact of sustainability efforts might seem small, but the statistics are rather shocking. Studies have shown buying one T-Shirt made out of recycled material is comparable to:

  • Skipping 6 weeks of showers
  • Shaving almost 6 miles off your daily commute
  • Going computerless for an entire work day


Johnny Ward
Co-Founder / CEO DAMAGE

"100% SATISFACTION!!  Having been working with MJ Luxe for the past 8 years.  Have referred many clients to them."

circle-cropped (5)
Jayme Riggio
Presient Riggio Insurance Agency, Inc. / ALLSTATE

"Josh and his staff are the best to work with.  They are extremely reliable and do a great job!"

Jeff Golenberg, Founder
Silver Lining Entertainment

“I love the brands that MJ Luxe Enterprises has to offer.  They are my go to company for gifting my employees and clients.”

circle-cropped (2)
Scott Bishop - Owner T

“I had a client desperate for a large quantity of Lacoste products and thought Josh might be able to help. I was a bit skeptical since Lacoste is a high end retail brand which may be challenging when purchasing items in bulk, due to potential stock issues, long lead times and poor communication. Well, I was pleasantly mistaken. Josh and MJ Luxe were able to come through in a big way.”

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Emily McNulty and Laura VanZante,
Owners of Moxi Events, LLC

"MJ Luxe was able to source high-end apparel for our event in record time with great customer service. We really appreciate Josh stepping in and saving the day. Looking forward to much more business with MJ Luxe in the future!”

circle-cropped (6)
Matt Cullen, President and CEO -
Amber Resources, Long Beach, CA

“HUGE SUCCESS! MJ Luxe was great to work with. My employees and customers were extremely happy with the hats, shirts and jackets we purchased."

circle-cropped (3)
Erin Braus, Make Up Artist -
The Voice, Shake It Up And I Didn't Do It.

"I have known Josh for many years and love working with him."

circle-cropped (7)
Bob Spivak, President and Co-Founder
Grill Concepts, INC.

"I always think of your company when I need promotional gifts items. You do great work and have a very professional approach with your clients."

circle-cropped (1)
Maria Canals-Barrera

“I have known Josh for nearly ten years. Love working with him.”