Erin Braus, Make Up Artist -
The Voice, Shake It Up And I Didn't Do It.

"I have known Josh for many years and love working with him."

Maria Canals-Barrera

“I have known Josh for nearly ten years. Love working with him..”

Emily McNulty and Laura VanZante,
Owners of Moxi Events, LLC

"MJ Luxe was able to source high-end apparel for our event in record time with great customer service. We really appreciate Josh stepping in and saving the day. Looking forward to much more business with MJ Luxe in the future!”

Scott Bishop - Owner T

“I had a client desperate for a large quantity of Lacoste products and thought Josh might be able to help. I was a bit skeptical since Lacoste is a high end retail brand which may be challenging when purchasing items in bulk, due to potential stock issues, long lead times and poor communication. Well, I was pleasantly mistaken. Josh and MJ Luxe were able to come through in a big way.”