We advocate catering to the well-being and mental stability of employees. The stressors forced upon employees due to workplace restructurings, an ever-changing global landscape, and life itself takes its toll. We create programs for like-minded companies to reward their employees for engaging in “healthy” or “exceptional” activities.
For instance, rewards like starting a gym membership, Fitbit activity during breaks, or meeting a deadline early. In place of rewarding employees monetarily, we provide a more curated and personal option by opening to them our portfolio of brands. We only provide premium name brands. Our philosophy is that we want our customers to receive on item that they are excited to receive and will also wear or use it outside of the workplace

  • Milestone Achievements
  • Tenure
  • Welcome to the Company
  • Meeting or Surpassing Goals
  • Leadership Gifts
  • Holiday Gifts
  • New House Gifts
  • New Parent Gifts
  • New Pet Gifts
  • Degree Completion Gifts
  • Retirement Gifts
  • SPIFFS (Sales Program Incentive Funds)